Have your hand in bringing our troops some FUN!

Everyone wants to be part of a winning team but in order to WIN, you have to work together! SUCCESS IS A COLLECTIVE EFFORT! "Pros vs. GI Joes" is consistently working to build solid, sustainable relationships with organizations and companies that share our SINCERE INTEREST IN SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS!

The sky is the limit for a long-lasting committed relationship with "Pros vs. GI Joes". We are focused on success and know that any partnership GREATLY BENEFITS YOUR COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION. We have outlined marketing strategies and publicity that will enhance your brand and ours. The degree is dependent on your level of participation.

Listed below is our SOP for a PARTNERSHIP with "Pros vs. GI Joes".
1) LOYALTY " If you're part of the team, you're part of a family.
2) COMMITMENT " We value our partners and realize we are committed to working together in order to succeed. If we say we are going to do something, we will. We expect the same in return.
3) COMMUNICATION " We don't pretend to know everything so we appreciate opening the lines of communication! The question we should always be asking is, "how can we make it better?"
4) ACTION " You never succeed by being lazy. We're dealing with hectic schedules of professional athletes and troops in a combat zone. We don't put it off until tomorrow.
5) PASSION " We are very proud of our GI JOES, our PROS, our supporters and our partners. We take great pride in them all, particularly our GI JOES. Our passion for what we do pushes us harder every day. You will benefit from that.

If you like what we are about and think you can help us in SUPPORTING THE TROOPS IN A TRULY UNIQUE AND EXCITING WAY, please click HERE. These relationships are advantageous for all involved and we look forward to hearing from you!