About Us

Special thanks to all the great organizations and companies who've joined the PRO VS. GI JOE team! The possibilities are endless as we bring our troops something truly unique, interactive, and fun! We are grateful for all the support we've gotten so far and we hope to continue working together to connect our GI JOE(s) to our PRO(s).
As we've proven in the last year through our PRO VS. GI JOE events, there is tremendous interest in what we are doing.
Join our team by supporting our efforts and we guarantee you will benefit from our hard work and dedication to making amazing memories for our military men and women and their families.
If you are interested in partnering with us, please email Greg Zinone! We look forward to hearing from you!
In 2008, Pro vs. GI Joe partnered with the USO. The USO is so important to what we do and we couldn't not succeed without them! USO Centers all over the world serve as the location for troop participation. Pro vs. GI Joe works hand in hand with USO Center Directors and Staff to make our events successful! To date, we've connected the pros with troops in USO Centers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, Dubai and Qatar.
We are so grateful and proud to partner with AirTran Airways in order to provide donated flights to families of the troops participating in our events. In addition to providing flights to military families, AirTran also provides donated flights to Pro vs. GI Joe staff and volunteers, which enables us to travel all over the country connecting communities & families with troops all over the world!
Pro vs. GI Joe has partnered with Activision, Inc., publishers of the incredibly popular Guitar Hero and Call of Duty video game franchises, since 2008. Activision produces games the troops love and fully embrace and support our organization's mission and goals in providing entertainment and fun for the troops.
In 2010, MTN Government Services joined the Pro vs. GI Joe team to install a fully functioning internet satellite system in to our newly unveiled 45-foot "PDR" RV. In addition to providing mobile internet capabilities, MTN also installed 6 HD 3D TVs and support our organization with a monthly monetary donation.




How We Do What We Do
Q: How do they play head-to-head if the athlete is in the States and the troops are stationed thousands of miles away?
A: Technology has made tremendous advancements over the years and now our troops are benefiting from it! Despite being thousands of miles away and stationed in combat zones around the world, troops are now able to connect to the pros using a gaming console that is hooked up to the internet. Each side has a "gamer tag" and a live webcam feed that allows the pros and the troops to see one another and talk trash while playing the game.
Q: Is it a personal one-on-one match or can others watch?
A: Personal on a military deployment? Not likely!! But thatís the way we want it! Each competition is an event, with fans on each side cheering on their "team"!  The PROS have the support of their fans and teammates and the troops have the support of their battle buddies, both stateside and overseas, as well as their families who are often in attendance! 
Q: What video games do you play?
A: The games we play depend on the event. For instance, we played NBA Live at the NBA All-Star Game and  MLB 09 at the MLB All-Star Game. At our NFL events, we often play MADDEN but we've also incorporated a lot of Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, which are favorites of the troops and the pros and allows more troops to participate in the event. We are not limited in the games we play and are always open to suggestions!
Q: Do the troops win anything if they beat the PRO?
A: You mean, playing their favorite professional athlete wouldn't be enough? Okay, we think they deserve more too! So win or lose, the troops will receive prizes and giveaways from Pro vs. GI Joe, the team and/or athletes as well as our sponsors! When we can - and it's not always possible -  we give away Guitar Hero sets as well as a gaming console.
 Q: How are the troops chosen to play?
A: Pro vs. GI Joe has great relationships with the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard so we work closely with each branch. Mostly, however, we work with the Public Affairs Office (PAO) stateside and they help us locate their local troops serving around the world. We then work with the troops' Chain of Command to get their permission and to help us identify those who will participate. We do our absolute very best to pit local troops against their local team or find troops from the city or state in which the event is held (i.e, Philadelphia Eagles versus Philadelphia-area troops). We also work with the USOs overseas, who advertise or send out emails about our upcoming events.
Q: How long are the events?
A: Our events last about two hours. The first hour is the game-play with the pros and the last hour is blocked off for webcam reunions with family and friends of the troops overseas.
Q: I'm an athlete, how do I participate?
A: We are always looking for more athletes, celebrities and musicians to participate in our events! If you are interested in hooking up with our troops - and creating once-in-a-lifetime experience for them and their families - email us or call 818.371.1283!

We didn't answer your question? Please email us and we'll make sure to add it to the list! Thank you!